AP World History Practice Tests

The AP World History: Modern course covers significant events, individuals, developments, and processes from the year 1200 to the present. Our AP World History practice tests cover the nine units from the course and are a great resource for your AP World History review.

Free AP World History Practice Tests

Full-Length AP World History Practice Exam

AP World History Exam

The AP World History exam covers historical developments across the globe from 1200 C.E. to the present. The exam consists of two sections and must be completed within 3 hours and 15 minutes.

Section I of the test is divided into Part A and Part B. Section IA is a 55-minute, 55-question multiple choice exam that asks students to respond to one or more primary or secondary sources. There will be multiple questions paired with each source. You will need to analyze each source (which may be texts, charts, maps, images, cartoons, etc.) as well as the historical contexts and developments they describe.

Section IB is a 40-minute, 3-question short answer section. The questions are always structured the same way so you know what to expect:

• The first question asks about historical developments and processes between 1200 and 2001. There will be 1-2 secondary sources provided.

• The second question also asks about historical developments and processes between 1200 and 2001, but it provides one primary source.

• The third question offers test takers a choice. You can either respond to a prompt regarding the period from 1200 to 1750 or from 1750 to 2001. There are no sources provided for this question.

Section II is a free response section with two questions. Students are given a total of one hour and 40 minutes. The FRQ questions and their time allowances are as follows:

• The first is a document-based question. Seven documents are presented about a historical development or process that occurred between the years 1450 and 2001. Students are given a 15-minute reading period and 45-minute writing period to craft an argumentative essay.

• The second is a long essay question. The test offers three prompts to choose from, each focusing on a different time period, and you are asked to develop an argument based on the historical evidence within the 40-minute time frame.

With centuries of material to cover, it’s important to study and practice before taking the AP World History Exam. Our free tests linked above are a great way to review your knowledge, see what you need refreshed, and hone your test-taking skills!