SAT Writing Practice

The SAT Writing and Language test focuses on reading passages, finding mistakes, and fixing the mistakes. There are four passages with 11 multiple choice questions each. Some of the passages may be accompanied by informational graphs, tables, or charts. Our SAT Writing practice tests are a great way to prepare for your exam.

Free SAT Writing Practice Tests

SAT Writing and Language Test

The writing test is designed to measure a wide variety of skills including command of evidence, words in context, analysis, expression of ideas, and Standard English conventions. You will be given 35 minutes to answer 44 multiple choice questions about fixing mistakes and weaknesses in writing.

The four passages in the exam are about a variety of topics, but at least one will be a narrative passage. The others will be argumentative or informative. Each question will ask you to either improve the author’s expression of an idea or their usage of standard English language conventions. Start your test prep right now with our free SAT Writing and Language practice tests.