SAT Practice Tests

Try our SAT practice tests to prep for your SAT test. Our free online tests are completely interactive and always provide the correct answers along with detailed explanations. We have dozens of challenging practice questions to work through. Choose Reading, Writing, Math, or Essay to get started now.

Free SAT Practice Tests

SAT Test

The SAT is a three-hour-long exam with three tests: the Reading Test, Writing and Language Test, and Math Test. The test is broken down as follows:

  • 52 reading questions to be completed in 65 minutes
  • 44 writing and language questions to be completed in 35 minutes
  • 58 math questions to be completed in 80 minutes

All questions on the Reading and Writing and Language tests are multiple choice. The Math test are mostly multiple choice with a few answers that need written in. Points are awarded based on correct answers rather than deducted for incorrect answers, meaning it is best to guess rather than leave any answers blank.

The SAT is a long and challenging exam that requires a lot of preparation. Use our free practice tests to start your exam prep today.