ACT Math Practice

We have several challenging tests to help you prepare for the ACT Math Test. The official test only has time for one question each minute, so it’s important to get the hang of the exam’s style and pace through a lot of practice. Start your prep now with our free ACT Math practice tests!

ACT Math Practice Tests

ACT Math Test Prep

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ACT Math Test

The ACT Math Test is 60 minutes long and has 60 questions. It is designed to measure the mathematical skills that students typically acquire by the beginning of the 12th grade. The questions are multiple choice with five answer options, and in order to answer them you will need to know basic formulas, computational skills, and reasoning skills. You may use a calculator as long as it doesn’t have a built-in computer algebra system. Ensure your success on the ACT by starting your test prep today! Select any of the practice test options above.