SAT Reading Practice

The new SAT Reading test was rolled out in March of 2016. The new test is completely different than the prior version. All of the questions are multiple choice and based on passages. Informational graphics, such as tables, charts, and graphs, will accompany some of the passages, but no math is required. All of our SAT Reading practice questions are completely updated to reflect this new format.

Free SAT Reading Practice Tests

There are five passages on the test. One passage will always be from a work of literature and one passage will be from either a U.S. founding document or from the global conversation that was inspired by the U.S. founding documents. Two passages will be based on earth science, biology, chemistry, or physics. The fifth passage will be based on one of the social sciences, such as economics, psychology, or sociology.

The SAT Reading test consists of 52 multiple choice questions that must be answered in 65 minutes. It is a challenging test, so make sure you work through plenty of practice questions. Start your test prep right now with our free SAT Reading practice test.