AP Physics C: Mechanics Practice Tests

AP Physics C: Mechanics is a challenging scientific and calculus-based course equivalent to an introductory college course in physics. Course topics range from Newton’s laws of motion to work and energy, all of which are studied through laboratory work and classroom investigations. Prepare for the AP Physics C: Mechanics final exam or in-class unit tests with with our free online practice tests below!

Free AP Physics C: Mechanics Practice Tests

AP Physics C exam

There are four different AP Physics courses and exams, all of which can easily be confused. AP Physics 1 is algebra-based, as is AP Physics 2. AP Physics C is divided into two courses: Electricity and Magnetism and Mechanics. The seven free practice tests above are for Mechanics.

The official AP Physics C: Mechanics exam is one hour and thirty minutes long, divided into two sections. Section I requires students to answer 35 questions in 45 minutes and counts for half of the final score. Section II offers three free response questions, accounting for the other half of the exam time and final exam score.

Unlike some AP tests, the Mechanics exam does not have set topics for its free response section. One question will include an experimental or lab-based component, but the content of each question may touch on any of the topics and skills students should be familiar with from their coursework. It is important to show your work with these questions and note if any specifically ask you to write out a scientific explanation.

AP Physics C: Mechanics is one of the most challenging courses and exams offered by College Board. Our free practice tests are a great way to refresh your memory and practice your skills unit by unit. Start your test prep now, and good luck on exam day!